A fairy tale at the edge of the city


There are few big cities in Europe with the unspoilt nature spreading right at the edge of the city. If you looked from the air, it would look like a big embroidered blanket, a marsh plain, the scenery interrupted only by a slope from time to time. The Ljubljana Marshes.

This special landscape, made by human through centuries, isn't denoted only by beautiful nature, but it is a real little zoo in the open: bears, wolves, jackals, deer, boars have lived here ever since.

Where in Europe is there a capital which offers anything like this?

Behind the edge of the city, when a person drives into the nature by bike, there is a completely new world from the very first moment, a world which one can experience primevally from our bikes. Did you know that it was in the Ljubljana Marshes that the world's oldest wooden wheel with an axle was found, it is more than 5000 years old? That is one of the oldest wooden findings in Europe, as well as in the world.

Even though the marshes have been populated for ever, the area has remained till nowadays as if didn't belong to this world and time.

This magical world spreads on 160 square kilometres, 135 square kilometres is protected as a regional park.

Our tour describes the wandering through the urban part of the marshes as well as the entering into the wild, into the vicinity and the alongside the banks of the river Ljubljanica, the river which embellishes our capital city's centre, taking us past the archaeological sites and in the unforgettable circle, where our eyes rest on the hills and we are invited to another tour, then again, it gently brings us back to civilization.

The Ljubljana Marshes is a fairy-tale at the edge to the city – every single time we experience it we don't forget that we are only guests here, moving through the landscape gently, without any noise, as collectors of green memories.

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