Among the cow's bell and rich history!

The world, which disappears elsewhere, is set here for eternity, no matter how man views it.

A mysterious queen who sleeps in the lap of the Kamnik Alps.





The plateau has a rich ethnographic tradition which continues to live a special life in and out of the present time. The world, which is disappearing elsewhere, remains unspoilt forever, no matter how you look at it. A mysterious queen sleeping in the arms of the Kamnik Alps.

The journey starts in Kamnik (380m), a picturesque medieval town first mentioned in 1061. Kamnik used to be the capital of Carniola, later it became the most influential provincial town besides Ljubljana. It used to be a health resort town, which later became partially industrial. Today it is a real pearl perched beneath the mountains: it is one the most beautiful towns in Slovenia.

The path leads along the foot of the plateau, through the charming villages beneath the famous church of St. Primož, to Črna, where kaolin has been dug. The road through the valley, which in not known for heavy traffic, is a connection between the Ljubljana Basin, namely between Gorenjsko and Štajersko. There is an asphalt road leading to the pass Volovjek. The track is slowly getting steeper and steeper, so that a cyclist can slowly get adjusted to it. Then, at the top of the pass, it is time for a snack. After that a beautiful road takes you upward into the green landscape, following the macadam road to the small plateau, where you enter a land of an amazing view on the Kamnik Alps.

The Domžale Hut (1534 m) is a well-known hut in this part of Slovenia. People, who spend their time discovering the unspoilt world of the mountains, often take a break here and eat their lunch in this autochthonous place.

Entering the heart of the alpine green, on the margin of the city, has never been as tempting as it is now, cycling in the company of people in good mood.

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