About E-bikes

The joys of cycle touring are now within easier reach for people of varying fitness and experience levels thanks to the growing availability of electric bicycles — or e-bikes. Electric bikes give cyclists a helping hand — or push — to get them up and over hills or to help them keep up with faster friends.

Electric bikes aren’t motorbikes or even mopeds — instead, they provide power on demand, responding to and complementing your pedaling speed and power. If you pedal hard, little battery power will be used. As you slow your pace, though, the electrical assistance kicks in and provides a welcome little boost! Most e-bikes provide up to 150% of your own power with each pedal stroke. You should still prepare for your time in the saddle, but you’ll have more reward for your efforts. 

Why E-bikes?

They'll help you go further, faster, longer.
They get you riding more.
They can help keep you fit.
They can help save you money.
They're great for commuting.
They're safer than regular bikes.
They're great for dealing with hills.
They're great for crosswinds and headwinds.
They'll help you explore the world.
They're simply huge fun to ride.


The Velika planina plateau, the Alps on the margin of the city

Among the cow's bell and rich history!

The world, which disappears elsewhere, is set here for eternity, no matter how man views it.

A mysterious queen who sleeps in the lap of the Kamnik Alps.





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There are weekends, when you just have to do bike riding and pick up energy for the whole week or even a month. More about excursion ideas, tips, descriptions and experiences can be found in our articles.