Primaeval forest among the beautiful fields

Shorter cycling trips between green fields and peaceful villages

Beautiful mountain paths where you will be refreshed





The beginning of the trip is on the margin of the capital, on the banks of the Sava river, in the village Spodnje Gameljne. In the vicinity there was once a majestic Roman bridge. The route will lead you through the plain, in the direction of the Ljubljana airport, near the village Brnik. When the weather is nice you can admire the beautiful high mountains with their peaks covered in snow long after the spring began in the lowlands. The plain is here and there decorated by small forests. The road hides itself among these forests. After cycling through beautiful Gorenjsko villages and taking some time to have some refreshments, the road becomes a little bit steeper. And then, finally, you reach Rašica. This is a widespread area covered with dense forest, karst caves and wetlands – it is not a surprise that a part of the forest is included into the project Natura 2000. This is a European network of specially protected areas. The route leads, over the hill, towards the starting point. The route is very beautiful, safe and without any traffic. You may meet a lonesome mountain biker, a hiker or a runner. The forest on the margin of the city offers an indescribable peacefulness which is really soothing. In the village Rašica, which could also be seen from Ljubljana, there is an inn, where bikers can expect real home-made Slovene dishes.

Those who have cycled through the fields and forests of Rašica will enjoy the nature as they had not expected.

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